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Picadinho could be translated as something like “chopped”, because the meat is cut into tiny little cubes or stripes. It is the staple of Brazilian cooking like Bolognese is in Italian cuisine. This dish became popular in São Paulo in the 50’s as a late night meal for bohemians that would come to the bars looking for something tasty to eat at 4am. After that the whole country was eating and swearing by this hearty and flavorful meal. This dish brings with itself a lot of memories to many brazilian families.

Welcome drink – Mint, green apple, Prosecco
Starter – Black eyed beans, orange, tomato, cilantro, onions
Main – Picadinho with beef, deep fried banana, rice, farofa (roasted manioc flower with bacon)
Dessert – Passion fruit mango sorbet with almond tuile

Hosted by Lisa Seibert
Photos: Camila Gomes

Cooked together with Rosa Branca Tapajós