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In Brazil there are two versions of Moqueca (pronounced “mo-KEH-kah”). We did here Moqueca Baiana, the one that is native to the state of Bahia and has influences from African and Portuguese cuisines. It’s special touch comes from an unsual ingredient: the dendê (palm oil).
Traditionally slow-simmered in clay pots, this fish stew is made with firm white fish (cut in steaks), onions, garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and coconut milk.

Welcome drink – Prosecco
Starter – Wild greens salad with roasted cashews
Main – Moqueca accompanied by rice and banana farofa (roasted manioc flour)
Dessert – Chocolate gateu by Markus Fütterer

Hosted by Andrea Piazza 
Photos: Camila Gomes
Kitchen crew: Markus Fütterer